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Entrepreneurship – Part 2

by Sep 27, 2022The Lazy CEO Podcast

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How do you manage underperforming team members?
  • What’s a good business and what’s a bad business according to Joel Trammell?
  • Joel talks about the qualifications of a CEO
  • Joel shares his learnings from not-so-successful ventures
  • The secret to Joel’s most successful businesses
  • Joel’s opinion on patents and intellectual property
  • Why hard problems are good problems
  • Joel talks about the top two most common problems of CEOs


In this episode…

A CEO wears many hats. They communicate with management, the board, and the general public while serving as the company’s face to internal and external stakeholders. They are in charge of implementing the organization’s long-term plan and fostering brand values within the workforce. What does it take to be a successful CEO? Is it enough to be a strong leader with years of experience and expertise? What abilities and traits should you have to help you succeed under pressure?

According to Joel Trammell, CEOs are in the people business as much as they are in the marketing and sales business. As a CEO, you should have a good people management system in place. You must also deeply understand how your product is made and why it’s bought.

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, Jim Schleckser continues his conversation with Joel Trammell, the Founder of Texas CEO Magazine and the Co-founder of American CEO. They talk about what makes a good business and a bad business, the characteristics a CEO must have, and the most common issues CEOs usually face. Joel also talks about what he learned from his many businesses through the years and the secret to his most successful ventures.

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Joel TrammellJoel Trammell is the Founder of the Texas CEO Magazine and the Co-founder of American CEO, a company that provides educational resources for chief executive officers. He is a successful entrepreneur who has founded four businesses and served as CEO of seven others — from startups to public firms valued at $1 billion.

As an author and educator, Joel has extensive experience teaching CEO Master Classes and Managerial Excellence Courses. He regularly speaks at conferences and nationwide events and has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes, and He has served on the boards of public, private, and nonprofit organizations and is now on a mission to teach aspiring and established CEOs how to effectively carry out their position.

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