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Increase Your Effectiveness Through CEO Peer Groups

Imagine a dynamic community where CEOs unite to exchange their concerns, obstacles, and possibilities. This embodies the essence of CEO peer groups, providing an invaluable space for continuous collaboration among leaders who share similar journeys.

A prominent player in this realm is The CEO Project, a trusted platform recognized for its high-caliber, like-minded executive membership. It distinguishes itself by fostering sustainable growth, urging CEOs to cultivate enduring leadership excellence through shared insights and collective problem-solving.

Here, our CEO peer advisory board undertakes the task of tracking down these CEOs for you and implementing a proven framework for success. Our business peer group includes members who helm enterprises with annual revenues ranging from $20 million to over $2 billion. They are humble learners dedicated to continuous improvement and leaving a legacy impact.

These peer CEOs, with control over their schedules, prioritize membership requirements and possess a commitment to learning from a diverse set of industry perspectives. Our approach thrives on business diversity, recognizing that groundbreaking ideas often emerge from lateral thinking across different industries.

With a national membership of approximately 100 CEOs organized into non-competitive groups of 8-10 members, our CEO peer advisory organization distinguishes itself by maintaining small group sizes. This ensures that each member receives ample time to dive into critical issues that can propel their businesses forward, setting us apart from other CEO peer organizations.

Join our business advisory group today to become an integral member of a community that transcends the conventional bounds of networking. At The CEO Project, we don’t just talk about success; we make it happen!

The Transformative Impact Of Our CEO Peer Groups

The Lazy CEO Podcast

Looking for ways to amplify your leadership journey? Dive into Monthly CEO Sessions with Jim Schleckser, Author and CEO at The CEO Project! Uncover insights, from economic outlooks to digital transformation, in lively discussions with our seasoned advisory board CEO.

Topics span the spectrum of current influences on business, such as:

  • Expert Panel Discussion on Economic Outlook
  • Strategic Business Model Pivots for Enhanced Sustainability
  • Mastering Successful Partnerships
  • Navigating M&A: Valuation and Integration Insights
  • Unleashing Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Strategies
  • Cultivating Organizational Culture and Talent Excellence
  • And everything in between!

All sessions are recorded for your convenience. Our library is a treasure trove of wisdom, available anytime to our exclusive program members!

Annual Summit

Participate in our yearly summit to connect with an expanded community of high-growth CEOs and gain insights from incredible and pertinent thought leaders. Become a part of the best CEO peer groups today!