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Our Advisors have all been CEOs of scaled companies.

We focus on accountability and results, backed by more than a dozen years of research on CEO effectiveness and 3,000 hours of CEO interviews.   We’ve even written a book on the topic, “Great CEOs Are Lazy”.  Our CEO advisors are current or former CEOs who have run both large public and private companies across a range of industries. You want this team on your side.

Jim Schleckser

Jim Schleckser


Jim has extensive leadership experience with organizations in both public and private environments and across multiple industries. He has built, acquired, and led several companies, including international businesses with multiple operating business units. Prior to founding the The CEO Project, Jim was the president of Spirent Communications PLC, a global publicly traded telecommunications business.

Jim is active with many non-profit organizations, including the National Association of Corporate Directors, Boy Scouts of America, and Youth With A Mission. He was previously Chair of Junior Achievement of the National Capital Area. He is currently on the boards of Defenders, Daniel Defense, and AltoVista.

Jim is an engineer, an avid soccer player, a Certified sommelier, and recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

ceo advisor, Pam Singleton

Pam Singleton


For more than 20 years, Pam has built and scaled growth companies as an investor, investment banker, and executive. Her collective experience enables her to drive business value for investors, management, employees, and clients by creating cohesive executive teams and helping them balance rapid revenue growth with sustainable long-term profitability.

Pam’s background spans finance, business development, and executive development in the services, technology, and manufacturing industries. As managing director of a private investment firm, she invested capital and managed private companies in the portfolio, working with executives across business strategy, talent acquisition, financial management, sales and marketing, and operations.

ceo advisor, Jim Parm

Jim Parm


Prior to joining The CEO Project, Jim was president of Inmarsat Solutions, the market-facing entity for Inmarsat PLC, a $1.4B London-based satellite communications company. Jim led the development and execution of Inmarsat’s global go-to-market strategy and oversaw the subsidiaries that serve the maritime, government and various enterprise markets. 

Jim was also the president and CEO of Stratos, Inc., a $650M global satellite service company for which he oversaw strategic direction and global operations and led the company’s transformation from a regionally focused North American company to a global leader in satellite services with 500% growth in revenue. He also led strategy development and execution for Shell Offshore Services Company, a telecom startup that provides remote communication services to the energy industry.

ceo advisor, Julie Walker

Julie Walker


Prior to joining The CEO Project, Julie was CEO of Shopper Events, a $300 million marketing agency with operations in US and Canada supporting Walmart, Sam’s Club, and more than 600 CPG clients. She led the business through several transitions, including the merger of three companies into one; portfolio expansion, explosive growth, and first-ever price increase on the largest division; introduction of adult beverage and fresh production services supported by an expanded compliance department; investment in technology to automate consistent service and accountability across multi-unit operations; divestiture of a division to one of the two company owners; and loss of contract and office shutdown on smallest division. 

Julie also has extensive experience working for Procter & Gamble. Over the course of 24 years, she worked in various executive positions with functional expertise in brand management, shopper marketing, and customer business development before retiring to diversify her experience and move into the service sector. She’s an inspirational leader with a passion for innovation, inclusive cultures, and executive courage.

Who We Are

Sid Yu


As a senior executive leader with Fortune 100, SMB, and start-ups, Sid brings considerable expertise to driving growth agendas, competitive advantage and strategies, use of capital, shaping brands, creating product and service innovation and digital transformation, and addressing operational needs and organizational challenges. His experience crosses over multiple industries, such as consumer products, sports and entertainment, hospitality, and technology, and spans markets across North America and Asia-Pacific. 

Sid delivered significant results in environments of complexity and uncertainty including the restructuring of Nike Asia Pacific operations; leading the transformation and growth of Marriott’s global full-service brands including J.W. Marriott, Marriott, and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts, boutiques; creating a $2.4 billion funded entertainment start-up; and advising technology transformations in big data, SAAS, and biotech healthcare. Sid has led as CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer, Head of Strategic Planning, and multiple start-up founders.

William Bell

William Bell


William is a seasoned CEO with two decades of company leadership and expertise in building and restoring market share in complex and competitive businesses within automotive and manufacturing settings.

Prior to joining The CEO Project, William was the CEO of Leadec Corporation, a private equity-owned, market-leading provider of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industries. William led the strategic direction of the North American $325 million division of the global $1.2 billion enterprise. 

William was also the Global CEO of Dürr Ecoclean GmbH a $475 million enterprise and subsidiary of the $4.5 billion, German mechanical and plant engineering firm, Dürr AG. He was responsible for the management of nine global subsidiary operations within Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Brazil, China, India, and Asia. During his tenure he led a global restructuring initiative to integrate all the global subsidiaries into a single entity, driving significant profit improvements.

Steven Pivnik

Steven Pivnik


After 27 years as the founder and CEO and then Executive Chairman of an international technology company that grew to 200 employees and a successful exit event, I now find myself writing the next chapter of my career. I could not have made it to where I am today without the many advisors by my side, as is the case for most entrepreneurs like myself.
With AIP Advisory, Acresis, as well as the The CEO Project, I am utilizing my unique experience of building and running a global business (as well as my insights from two failed previous attempts) to help other founders and leaders chart a successful pathway forward for their companies. Knowing what works, but more importantly, what doesn’t work, is instrumental to reaching your goals. I am confident that my network and I can provide you with the right tools.

My passion for adventure, new challenges, and exceeding goals transcends into my personal life where I enjoy Ironman distance triathlons, marathons, ultra-marathons, helicopter skiing, and mountaineering.
Who We Are

Sharon McGuire


Prior to joining The CEO Project as a Member Specialist, Sharon worked for a decade for Chevron Corporation. She held positions in lubricant sales, research, alternate energy, and shareholders services. Sharon interfaces with our members at The CEO Project to support their member experience.