Boost Business Performance

“We improved our business performance and are now more profitable because we shifted our focus to a market niche our competitors overlooked.”

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Reach New Levels of Performance

There’s no greater contributor to business performance than the performance of its CEO, which is why we’re focused on accelerating the impact our members have on their businesses.

We conducted in-depth interviews with more than 1,000 successful CEOs and found that exceptional CEOs accomplish more in less time. In fact, these leaders consistently outperformed average CEOs by a factor of 5x. Our findings inspired our purpose, informed our methods, and are well-documented in the book Great CEOs are Lazy, written by CEO and founder Jim Schleckser.

You and your business are stuck, and you are not making enough progress.

You need new resources and perspective to take your company to the next level.

Your business is facing a significant, specific challenge.

You could get the insight of some smart people that have been through this before.

You know what you need to do to improve your business but the day to day is getting in the way

You need an objective outsider to help you prioritize and hold you accountable.

Because you are the CEO, your team won't challenge you to make your ideas better.

You need an objective sounding board of peers, that aren’t afraid to challenge you.

You are thinking of selling your business.

You need the right tools and resources to do this right.

Measured Actions = Measured Results

business performance improvement cycle

We use diagnostic tools to chart where you are today, which includes:

  • Growth Leader Profile™ during your initial interview with our advisor
  • Business InSight™ that serves as a scorecard to monitor progress
  • Time Tracker™ to monitor and categorize where your time is allocated

We also utilize strategic tools, such as:

  • The Decision Blueprint™ to map out a particular point of constraint and organize its presentation for discussion and feedback during peer meetings
  • Project Accelerator™ to use the theory of constraint to run projects – a totally different approach that improves the potential of success or lets you kill projects early

Results In Action

Members say the impact our organization has on CEOs is outstanding and the other Members in the group are great colleagues and friends. It’s our job to make sure you grow and do it with a great business advisory group comprised of other CEOs.

A few notable achievements by our members include:

  • David Phelps, CEO, Merlin: Saw a massive profit improvement and business model improvement.
  • Scott Newman, CEO, Transparent BPO: Had a major clarification of objectives, which improved profits and growth.
  • David Hood, CEO, The Original Cakerie: Helped focus and grow the business through to a sale for a valuation over 11x EBITDA.