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“I was tired of working hard and not getting the results I wanted. I needed guidance to grow smarter.”

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Where CEOs Come To Learn

We believe CEOs should also be the Chief Learners of their organization.

Our members are constantly seeking new ideas, theories, and processes that can make them more effective leaders. That’s why we offer this expanding collection of leadership resources. Bookmark this page and check back often to learn about the latest trends in leadership.

leadership resources

We conducted in-depth interviews with more than 1,000 successful CEOs and found that exceptional CEOs accomplish more in less time. In fact, these leaders consistently outperformed average CEOs by a factor of 5x.

Great CEOs are Lazy

Our findings inspired our purpose, informed our methods, and are well-documented in the book Great CEOs are Lazy, written by CEO and founder Jim Schleckser.

The Lazy CEO Podcast

CEO and founder Jim Schleckser is continuing the conversation in his Podcast, The Lazy CEO Podcast. Start listening today wherever you get your podcast.

leadership resources


leadership resources


leadership resources


leadership resources




Join Jim Schleckser each month for some high-quality CEO-Content on The Lazy CEO Podcast.

Also check out great podcasts at GreatCEOPodcast.com

Analytive Podcast

Breaking Through Constraints in Your Business – with Jim Schleckser

Growing Companies

with Jim Schleckser

Your Evolving Leadership Journey with Tom Crea

How Exceptional CEOs Do More in Less Time featuring Jim Schleckser


Survive and Thrive – PIVOT during a Pandemic featuring Jim Schleckser

The RESPECT Podcast with Mike Domitrz

Jim Schleckser shares how the “Kink in a Hose” approach is the key to great CEOs being successful and HOW successful CEOs tend to live very balanced lives.

Make My People Better

Great CEOs are Lazy featuring Jim Schleckser

Digital Strategy Call

With special guest Jim Schleckser discussing his book and other topics.

Grow My Revenue Business Cast

Featuring The CEO Project’s Jim Schleckser



Jim’s favorite books



Check out even more CEO Content on our YouTube Channel.

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Creating a Corporate Strategy Your Team Will Rally Around

Featuring Jim Schleckser

5 Roles of a CEO

The CEO Project Founder Jim Schleckser discusses the Five Roles of a CEO.

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