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Effective Negotiation Part 1

by Sep 30, 2022The Lazy CEO Podcast

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If you prefer to watch a summary for Part 1 of the Effective Negotiation episode, check out this blog post and video.

Effective Negotiation Part 1 Episode at a Glance:

  • Jim Schleckser explains how to negotiate to reach common ground
  • The main qualities and techniques of collaborative negotiations
  • What is an adversarial negotiation?
  • How to identify and counter adversarial negotiation approaches
  • Leveraging confrontational tactics to reach a solution

In this episode…

When negotiating a business deal, do you struggle to reach a viable solution? What are some effective negotiation strategies you can utilize to manage difficult negotiations?

According to business leader Jim Schleckser, there are two main types of negotiations. A collaborative negotiation utilizes cooperation and understanding to identify your associate’s goals and generate a mutually beneficial solution. Conversely, an adversarial negotiation employs force to gain an advantage over your competitor. With this deal, it’s crucial to leverage counter techniques such as mirroring and reasoning to mediate your adversary’s combative tactics.

In today’s episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, Jim Schleckser talks about navigating collaborative and adversarial negotiations. He explains how to negotiate to reach common ground, how to identify and counter adversarial negotiation approaches, and how to leverage confrontational negotiation strategies to reach a solution.

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Jim Schleckser is the Chief Executive Officer of The CEO Project, a business advisory group for accomplished CEOs to help them solve their most challenging issues, resolve constraints, drive growth, and improve outcomes.

With 30 years of leadership experience in business strategy, organizational development, sales, marketing, and more, Jim leads global organizations across many functional areas in both public and private environments. He specializes in solving issues that fast-growing firms experience in their business models and processes as they reach high-performance levels. Jim has appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and National Public Radio.

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