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Ultra-High Performance Mindset

by Oct 2, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this episode of Ultra-High Performance Mindset

  1. JV Crum, founder of Conscious Millionaire, discusses his approach to helping entrepreneurs and professionals elevate their performance and find a deeper purpose in business.
  2. Crum introduces a model with seven levels of mindset and performance, emphasizing the shift from a scarcity mentality to “Infinite Abundance.”
  3. The episode explores the concept of “flow” and allows listeners to delve into the three distinctions of flow and ways to transcend limiting beliefs for greater success and impact.

Here is a Glimpse of Ultra-High Performance Mindset

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser interviews JV Crum, the founder of Conscious Millionaire, who is known for bringing elements of Tony Robbins’ mental state and mindset teachings into the business world. Crum discusses how he helps entrepreneurs and professionals elevate their performance and achieve a sense of abundance. He describes his own journey, including a phase of achieving financial success but feeling empty, which led him to seek a deeper purpose.

Crum introduces a model with seven levels of mindset and performance, starting with “Infinite Abundance,” where most people operate from a scarcity mentality. He explains that his approach goes beyond conventional high performance and aims to help individuals tap into a higher level of consciousness to unlock their potential. He discusses the importance of shifting one’s identity and embracing possibilities to achieve desired outcomes. Crum also touches on the concept of “flow” and the three distinctions of flow, allowing listeners to explore these ideas further.

Overall, the episode explores how individuals can transcend limiting beliefs and tap into their full potential to achieve success and positively impact the world.

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