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How to Hire and Work with a Fractional CXO

by Apr 8, 2024Podcast

In this Episode About How to Hire and Work with a Fractional CXO

  1. Introduction to Fractional CXOs: The podcast discusses the concept of fractional CXOs, such as CFOs, CMOs, and Chief Revenue Officers, hired to address specific needs or fill temporary gaps in critical positions within organizations.
  2. Operational Support by Thrive Business Operations: Bill Simmons, founder of Thrive Business Operations, explains how his company offers operational support through fractional CXOs, assisting businesses in navigating challenges and enhancing operational excellence.
  3. Benefits of Fractional Executives: The interview highlights the value of fractional executives in bridging the gap between vision and execution, providing cost-effective expertise compared to full-time hires, and driving strategic outcomes through clear deliverables and accountability measures.

Here is a Glimpse of  How to Hire and Work with a Fractional CXO

The podcast episode features an interview with Bill Simmons, the founder of Thrive Business Operations, discussing fractional CXO roles. Jim Schleckser introduces the concept of fractional CXOs, such as CFOs, CMOs, and Chief Revenue Officers, which are hired for specific needs or to fill critical positions temporarily. Bill Simmons explains how his company provides operational support for businesses through fractional CXOs, helping them navigate challenges and improve operational excellence.

They discuss scenarios where businesses might consider hiring fractional executives, such as when a company’s growth outpaces its operational capacity or when there’s a need for strategic guidance and execution. Simmons emphasizes the value of fractional executives in bridging the gap between vision and execution and highlights the cost-effectiveness and expertise they bring compared to full-time hires.

The interview explores the role of fractional executives in driving strategic outcomes and the importance of clear deliverables and accountability in their engagements. Overall, the conversation offers insights into the benefits and considerations of leveraging fractional CXOs for business growth and operational efficiency.

Thank You to Our Guest

Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is an expert at building a team to execute your vision. Bill loves to serve entrepreneurs who want a business that operates without them.

He is your secret weapon for strategic growth. With over 30 years’ experience helping individuals and entrepreneurs clarify and execute their visions, he’s the one to turn to when you’re ready to grow your life or organization.

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