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Take Your Brand to New Heights with Strategic Marketing

by May 6, 2024The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About Strategic Marketing

  • Nancie Ruder, with extensive experience in marketing for major brands, discusses the intricacies of marketing as both an art and a science, emphasizing the need for strategic alignment and authenticity in branding.
  • She highlights common challenges companies face, such as misalignment between brand identity and customer perception, and the importance of internal and external brand reviews.
  • The conversation also explores the updated content in Nancie’s book, which addresses how senior marketers can blend creativity and analytical skills to adapt to changing market conditions and manage crises effectively.

Here is a Glimpse of Take Your Brand to New Heights with Strategic Marketing

In this episode of “The Lazy CEO Podcast,” host Jim Schleckser interviews Nancie Ruder, an accomplished marketing strategist with over 25 years of experience working with major brands like Georgetown University, Nike, and Samsung. Nancie shares insights on the complexities of marketing, explaining it as both an art and a science that requires deep understanding and strategic implementation.

Nancie discusses her background, including starting her career in a large ad agency, and her move to establish her own consultancy focused on internal brand development rather than external communications. She emphasizes the importance of internal clarity and authenticity in branding, highlighting that a brand must deliver on its promises and maintain logical consistency with its strategic vision.

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Thank you To Our Guest

Nancie Ruder

Nancie has over 20 years experience in marketing strategy, marketing training, branding and consumer research. She loves building brands and helping people get better equipped to do so.

The early years she began her professional career with the Leo Burnett Company in Chicago, Illinois, where she served clients such as Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly, The Gap, Lexmark Computers and Hoerchst Marion Rousseau.

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