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6 Types of Power

by Nov 1, 2022The Lazy CEO Podcast

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 The 6 Types of Power Episode at a Glance:

  • Jim Schleckser explains the three types of formal power: coercion, reward, and positional
  • What are the types of informal power?
  • How to utilize each form of power in a business environment

In this episode…

Every accomplished leader utilizes power to achieve business goals and maximize success. So, what are the different types of power, and how can you leverage them to maintain effective leadership?

According to business advisor Jim Schleckser, there are two separate categories: formal power and informal power. Formal power includes coercion, reward, and positional power, whereas informal power includes expert, referent, network, influential, information, and moral authority. Formal power is less constructive and most commonly used in hierarchical organizations. Effective leaders employ multiple types of informal power to inspire, motivate, inform, and collaborate with their teams.

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, Jim Schleckser, Chief Executive Officer at The CEO Project, talks about utilizing these types of power in leadership. He explains the three types of formal power and informal power and discusses how to use each power form in a business environment.

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Jim SchleckserJim Schleckser is the Chief Executive Officer of The CEO Project, a business advisory group for accomplished CEOs to help them solve their most challenging issues, resolve constraints, drive growth, and improve outcomes.

With 30 years of leadership experience in business strategy, organizational development, sales, marketing, and more, Jim leads global organizations across many functional areas in both public and private environments. He specializes in solving issues that fast-growing firms experience in their business models and processes as they reach high-performance levels. Jim has appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and National Public Radio.


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