Managing Growth in a Family Business

by Jul 1, 2024The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About Managing Growth in a Family Business

  • Industry Insights and Challenges: Mark Cabrera discusses the dynamic nature of the logistics industry, including labor shortages, demographic changes, and the necessity for innovation driven by escalating labor costs.
  • Employee Development and Culture: Emphasis on Saddle Creek’s strong culture, internal promotions, and training programs, along with the importance of storytelling and leadership behaviors to maintain the company’s values.
  • Family Business Dynamics: The supportive yet hands-off involvement of the founding family allows the executive team to operate effectively while upholding the founder’s legacy and values.

Here is a Glimpse of Managing Growth in a Family Business

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser welcomes Mark Cabrera, the CEO of Saddle Creek Logistics. Mark has been with Saddle Creek for over 20 years, starting as CFO and taking over as CEO a few years ago. He shares insights into managing a family business, the logistics industry’s challenges, and the importance of innovation.

Mark explains Saddle Creek’s operations, which span 33 million square feet across the US, employing about 6,000 associates and operating a fleet of 500 trucks. The conversation highlights the dynamic nature of the logistics industry, including labor shortages and the need for innovation driven by escalating labor costs and demographic changes.

The discussion also delves into Saddle Creek’s approach to employee development and succession planning, emphasizing the importance of internal promotions and training programs. Mark credits the company’s strong culture to its founder’s values and the intentional efforts to maintain these through storytelling and leadership behaviors.

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