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Getting Ready to Sell Your Company

by Nov 13, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About Getting Ready to Sell Your Company

  1. Asset Class Trade Perspective: The podcast emphasizes the idea of approaching the sale of a business as a trade of asset classes rather than a straightforward sale, encouraging entrepreneurs to consider the broader financial implications of the transaction.
  2. Preparation and Team Quality: Key considerations include building a high-quality executive team and implementing protective measures, such as separation agreements, to ensure the team’s continuity post-sale. Entrepreneurs are advised to make themselves less critical to daily operations to facilitate a smoother transition.
  3. Financials and Potential Upside: Entrepreneurs are urged to have their financials reviewed or audited to instill confidence in potential buyers and maximize the value of the business. Presenting potential upside and opportunities for the buyer is emphasized to make the business more attractive and justify a higher valuation.

Here is a Glimpse of Getting Ready to Sell Your Company

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser discusses the considerations and preparations entrepreneurs should undertake before selling their businesses. Schleckser emphasizes the importance of viewing the process as a trade of asset classes rather than a simple sale. He highlights key factors to address well in advance, including the quality of the executive team, the protection of key team members through contracts, and the necessity of making oneself less critical to daily operations. Additionally, Schleckser delves into the significance of reviewing or auditing financials and the need to present potential upside and opportunities for the buyer to maximize the business’s value. The podcast discusses earn-outs and the implications of hanging around after the sale. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs contemplating the sale of their companies.

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