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Executive Compensation and Contracts

by Oct 23, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this episode about Executive Compensation and Contracts

  • “The Lazy CEO Podcast,” hosted by Jim Schleckser, delves into the intricacies of executive compensation and contracts, focusing on base salary, bonuses, and long-term compensation as critical components.
  • The podcast highlights the importance of aligning compensation with market rates and strategic objectives, emphasizing “felt fair” compensation, where executives feel rewarded for their work.
  • Jim Schleckser provides valuable insights into transparent and calculable bonus structures, discretionary bonuses for exceptional performance, and the critical distinction between long-term compensation and equity, especially relevant for founder-owners.

In this episode of “The Lazy CEO Podcast” hosted by Jim Schleckser, CEO of the CEO Project, the focus is on the sensitive and vital topic of executive compensation and contracts. Jim discusses the intricacies of compensating CEOs and executive teams, touching on critical components such as base salary, bonuses, and long-term compensation. He emphasizes the importance of aligning compensation with market rates and strategic goals. The podcast also explores the concept of felt fair compensation and the need to ensure executives feel rewarded for their work. Additionally, Jim discusses the role of bonuses in aligning management and ownership interests, highlighting the significance of transparent and calculable bonus structures. He also touches on the use of discretionary bonuses for exceptional performance. Finally, Jim emphasizes the distinction between long-term compensation and equity, cautioning founder-owners about the complexities and considerations of equity distribution within a company. The episode provides valuable insights into executive compensation and contracts for CEOs and their teams.

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