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Climbing to New Heights – Everest and Channel Sales

by Jun 24, 2024The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About Climbing to New Heights with Channel Sales

  • Channel Sales Strategy: McEvoy explains Trend Micro’s strategy of using channel partners to expand their reach and expertise, allowing the company to concentrate on core activities like threat intelligence and zero-day research.
  • Cybersecurity Focus: Louise McEvoy from Trend Micro discusses the company’s mission to secure endpoints, data services, and cloud data, emphasizing the importance of AI in combating cyber threats and the substantial processing power required.
  • Personal Data Security: She advises caution with personal data, encouraging individuals to question unnecessary data collection and ensure robust security measures are in place to protect sensitive information.

Here is a Glimpse of Climbing to New Heights

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, the host welcomes Louise McEvoy, VP of US Channel Sales at Trend Micro, to discuss the growth of channel ecosystems and her experience as an Everest summiteer. McEvoy elaborates on Trend Micro’s mission to secure endpoints, data services, and cloud data for businesses of all sizes. Highlighting the relentless nature of cyber threats, she discusses the importance of AI in enhancing security measures and the significant processing power required to stay ahead of cybercriminals. She also addresses the complexities of ransomware and the dark web, shedding light on the extensive underground networks involved in cybercrime and the necessity for businesses to maintain vigilant and comprehensive security practices.

McEvoy also shares insights into Trend Micro’s channel sales strategy, emphasizing the importance of partnering with specialized firms to extend their sales reach and expertise. She explains that while Trend Micro could employ a large direct sales team, leveraging channel partners allows the company to focus its resources on core activities such as threat intelligence and zero-day research. Furthermore, McEvoy advises both businesses and individuals to be cautious about sharing personal information, pushing back against unnecessary data collection, and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures are in place to protect sensitive data.

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