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Transform Your Organization into an Epic Workplace

by Nov 6, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this episode, Transform Your Organization into an Epic Workplace

  1. On The Lazy CEO Podcast, Cheryl Lynn Mobley, founder of reCalibrate, discusses her book, blending safari experiences with leadership lessons.
  2. The episode explores the challenges organizations face, including the trend of heading in the wrong direction at high speed, driven by the desire to please everyone.
  3. Cheryl emphasizes the importance of leaders making courageous decisions, redefining organizational purpose, and having clear, frank conversations with their teams to stay focused on their true goals and navigate the complexities of modern business.

Here is a Glimpse of Transform Your Organization into an Epic Workplace

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser welcomes Cheryl Lynn Mobley, founder of reCalibrate. Cheryl shares her unique journey that led to the creation of her book, which blends her experiences on a safari with valuable leadership lessons.

The conversation revolves around the challenges organizations face today. Cheryl highlights the issue of organizations heading in the wrong direction at a high velocity, often driven by the desire to please everyone. She observes that leaders can feel held hostage by various stakeholders, leading to exhaustion and a lack of clarity in organizational goals.

To address this problem, Cheryl emphasizes the need for leaders to make a courageous decision to change the status quo. They should redefine their organization’s purpose and be clear about what they exist to do. This clarity will help save time and energy by guiding decision-making. Cheryl also advises leaders to have frank conversations with their teams and commit to sticking with the chosen path, even in the face of resistance.

Ultimately, the podcast discusses the importance of leaders being willing to make tough choices and stay focused on their organization’s purpose, even if it means some individuals may opt-out. Cheryl’s insights provide valuable guidance for leaders navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Thank You to Our Guest – Cheryl Lynn Mobley

Cheryl Lynn Mobley

Cheryl Lynn Mobley is the founder of reCalibrate. At reCalibrate, we utilize our pressure-tested Be99 Framework to support leaders who won’t accept anything less than 99th percentile performance in their organizations. This Framework holds across industries and is the guiding foundation for our work with our clients.

Since Cheryl was often asked what her strategy was for top-level success in her time as a hospital president, she reverse-engineered what they did to nail 99th percentile performance in their metrics consistently. Thus, the Be99®  Guiding Questions Framework was born. This framework has impacted global brands and Mid-Market organizations around the world. Cheryl is pleased to offer the Be99®  Guiding Questions Framework to your audience as well as a series of quizzes that help to identify where leaders are rocking Be99® principles and where they need to grow in becoming their own Epic WorkplaceTM .

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