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The Power of Being an Influencer

by Dec 18, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About The Power of Being an Influencer

  • Leadership Styles and Delegation:
    • The CEO employs a layered leadership approach, emphasizing the importance of delegation and making every position replaceable.
    • A unique ownership program allows employees to move up the leadership ladder, eventually becoming store owners with shared profits.
  • Glow Tanning Center Success:
    • Onyi Odunukwe, Influencer, CEO and Founder of Glo Tanning Centers Inc., a National Sun Spa franchise with 75+ locations, has become a major player in the tanning industry.
    • The CEO’s journey started with a supplement store but strategically entered the tanning business due to market gaps and consolidation.
  • Strategic Use of Social Media:
    • The CEO discusses his social media presence, acknowledging its power for positive or negative influences.
    • Viral videos, including an interview that went viral, have positively impacted business by enhancing brand awareness and success.

Here is a Glimpse of The Power of Being an Influencer

In this episode of “The Lazy CEO Podcast,” host Jim Schleckser interviews a special guest, the CEO of Glow Tanning Center, who is known for his success in the tanning industry and his viral video that mentioned Plexor. The CEO shares insights into his business philosophy and the influence he has built. Here’s a summary of the key points discussed:

  1. Introduction to Glow Tanning Center:
    • Glow Tanning Center is a National Sun Spa franchise with over 75 locations in 13 states.
    • The CEO, who started as a bodybuilder, originally owned a supplement store before entering the tanning business.
  1. Origin of the Tanning Business:
    • The decision to enter the tanning business came impulsively when the CEO recognized a market gap in Northwest Arkansas.
    • The lack of competition and the high entry cost for new businesses made the tanning industry an attractive opportunity.
  1. Tanning Industry Dynamics:
    • The tanning market has not decreased but has consolidated over the years.
    • The CEO mentions that their strategy involves both building and acquiring locations, making them a major player in the industry.
  1. Competition and Market Consolidation:
    • The CEO emphasizes the difficulty for new entrants due to the high upfront costs, leading to limited competition.
    • Mention of major fitness franchises like Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness entering the tanning space.
  1. Managing Complexity and Leadership:
    • The CEO discusses his approach to managing a large number of locations, emphasizing the importance of delegation.
    • He believes in creating layers of leadership styles and making every position replaceable, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.
  1. Social Media Presence:
    • The CEO talks about his social media presence, acknowledging the power of social media for both positive and negative influences.
    • He mentions not paying much attention to others’ social media to avoid comparison and emphasizes the need to use social media strategically.
  1. Harnessing Social Media for Business:
    • The CEO shares how his social media presence has positively impacted his business.
    • Viral videos, including an interview that went viral, contributed to brand awareness and business success.
  1. Building Leadership Through Ownership:
    • The CEO discusses his approach to building leadership within the company and mentions an ownership program for employees who prove themselves.
    • The program allows successful employees to become store owners with shared profits.
  1. Final Thoughts on Social Media:
    • The CEO reiterates the potential negativity of social media but emphasizes the need to harness it for positive purposes and to stay focused on personal goals.

Overall, the conversation touches on the CEO’s journey in the tanning industry, his leadership philosophy, and the strategic use of social media for business success.

Thank you to our Guest

The Power of Being an Influencer

Onyi Odunukwe, CEO and Founder of Glo Tanning Centers Inc. Onyi specializes in marshaling limited resources to the most productive uses to create maximum value for the company’s stakeholders as well as developing and cascading the organization’s strategy/mission statement to the lower-ranking staff, and implementing appropriate rewards/recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with company goals.

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