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Leadership- Yourself, Your Team, and Your Company

by Aug 28, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this episode about Leadership- Yourself, Your Team, and Your Company

  • This episode of the “Lazy CEO Podcast,” with host Jim Schleckser, features Dave Mitchell, an expert on leadership from the Leadership Difference.
  • The podcast discusses leadership, self-awareness, and organizational culture. Dave Mitchell’s trilogy of books is mentioned: “The Power of Understanding People,” “The Power of Understanding Yourself,” and “Performance Culture.”
  • Mitchell emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself and others and building an intentional organizational culture. He discusses personality assessments, adapting to different contexts, and creating a culture aligned with core values and goals. The podcast also discusses leadership challenges, self-awareness, and effective team communication.

Here is a glimpse of  Leadership- Yourself, Your Team, and Your Company

In this episode of the Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser interviews Dave Mitchell, an expert in leadership and founder of Leadership Difference. The conversation revolves around leadership, understanding oneself, understanding others, and creating a positive organizational culture. Here’s a summary of the key points discussed:

  1. Defining Leadership and Self-awareness: Dave Mitchell emphasizes that leadership is contextual and situational. The ability to inspire diverse groups of people toward a shared goal is a defining characteristic of leadership. Self-awareness is crucial for leaders, but being aware of one’s toxic behaviors without addressing them can still lead to ineffective leadership.
  2. Adaptability and Flexibility: Leaders must be adaptable to different contexts and situations, as a leadership approach that works well in one scenario might not be effective in another. Effective leaders adjust their behaviors to meet the needs of their team and situation without sacrificing core integrity.
  3. Understanding Others: Dave discusses the importance of understanding the attributes of different team members. He introduces his own assessment system that assigns individuals to different personality types inspired by iconic Hollywood movie characters. This system helps leaders better understand their team members and bridge differences.
  4. Organizational Culture: Dave’s recent book “CULTURE – Performance, Peak Performance, and Place” focuses on understanding and engaging with organizational culture. He discusses the five key metrics for evaluating and shaping organizational culture: Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Employee Experience, Customer Experience, and Leadership Ideology.
  5. Vertical Alignment: This involves ensuring the organization’s core ideology aligns with marketplace demands and success metrics. It ensures that the organization’s values resonate with customers and employees.
  6. Horizontal Alignment: This focuses on creating consistency between an organization’s core ideology and its practices, policies, and processes. It’s about embedding the organization’s values in all operations.
  7. Employee Experience: A positive employee experience is crucial for delivering a great customer experience. Leaders must create an environment where employees can thrive and contribute to the organization’s success.
  8. Customer Experience: A strong employee experience leads to a better customer experience. Organizations need to focus on aligning their culture with their customer’s needs.
  9. Leadership Ideology: Leaders must bridge the gap between those at the top of the hierarchy and those on the front lines. Open communication channels and feedback ensure leadership decisions are grounded in real-world knowledge.

The podcast discussion emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, adaptability, understanding others, and intentionally shaping organizational culture for successful leadership and organizational performance.

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