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How to Grow Your Revenue Rapidly

by Jun 3, 2024The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About How to Grow Your Revenue Rapidly

  • Simone Severino discusses how to grow your revenue, revenue growth strategies, and increase pricing power by 25% through improved positioning and messaging to double revenue in 90 days without losing clients.
  • The strategy is particularly effective for high-ticket, transformation-focused businesses, such as coaches and marketing agencies.
  • Key tactics include reducing talking time in sales conversations, asking powerful questions to create value, and refining the sales process, including the statement of work.

Here is a Glimpse of How to Grow Your Revenue Rapidly

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser introduces Simone Severino, the founder and CEO of Strategy Sprints, to discuss revenue growth strategies. Jim highlights that revenue is a common constraint for many CEOs, with about 60% citing it as their primary challenge. Simone, joining from Austria, claims his techniques can double a company’s revenue in 90 days.

Simone emphasizes the importance of addressing evergreen bottlenecks, particularly pricing power, to achieve significant revenue growth. He explains that businesses can increase their pricing power by 25% without losing clients by improving positioning and messaging. Simone’s approach is particularly suited for businesses involved in transformation, such as coaches, marketing agencies, and design firms that offer high-ticket services.

Simone outlines his strategy, beginning with increasing pricing power by refining the value proposition and understanding the client’s needs and outcomes. He suggests that companies can keep prices the same for existing clients but deliver more value or seek referrals. Prices can be raised for new clients, focusing on building a strong sales pipeline.

Thank You to Our Guest

How to Grow Your Revenue Rapidly

Ask Simone how to get a 25% sales upside, slash your cost of selling, or overcome any sales issue, and he will happily share what he has learned from +21 years of B2B sales, sales management, and sales strategy experience.

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