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Establishing Trust In a Selling Relationship

by Jun 10, 2024The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this Episode About Establishing Trust In a Selling Relationship

  • Importance of Establishing Trust and Emotional Connection: Todd Duncan emphasizes that building trust and emotional connections with clients is crucial for sales success. Trust cannot coexist with tension, and establishing trust involves focusing on the client’s needs and creating value for them.
  • Referral-Based Business and Effective Communication: Duncan advocates for a referral-based approach to eliminate call reluctance and emphasizes concise communication. Talking less about oneself and more about the client can significantly increase conversion rates.
  • Strategies for Long-Term Relationship Building: CEOs and sales leaders should train their teams to prioritize relationship-building over deal-chasing. Consistent value delivery, even without immediate returns, can lead to substantial long-term rewards, as illustrated by Duncan’s successful long-term client engagements and his strategy for growing his company, Fuel.

Here is a Glimpse of Establishing Trust In a Selling Relationship

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser delves into the prevalent issue executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs face in generating sufficient revenue and establishing trust with clients. He is joined by Todd Duncan, a multiple-time New York Times bestselling author and renowned sales leader, who shares his expertise on these topics. Duncan emphasizes the paramount importance of trust in the sales process, highlighting that tension and suspicion can severely hinder successful business relationships. He advocates for a referral-based approach to business, which eliminates call reluctance and fosters excitement, allowing salespeople to focus on nurturing relationships rather than merely closing deals.

Duncan underscores the need for effective communication, advising sales professionals to talk less about themselves and their companies and more about addressing the client’s needs. His research indicates that concise sales pitches can significantly boost conversion rates. Furthermore, he introduces the concept of emotional economics, where building an emotional connection with clients can lead to substantial increases in sales and gross margins. The principle of reciprocity, where providing value to clients encourages them to reciprocate with business, is also discussed.

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Thank You to Our Guest

Todd Duncan

As the world’s leading speaker and sales trainer for high-performing mortgage professionals, Todd sells out high-profile stages around the world, teaching the top 1% of mortgage professionals how to move away from the transactional style of selling to an intimate, relationship-focused approach that converts and fills pipelines.

His 17 books, including two New York Times Best Sellers, Time Traps: Proven Strategies for Swamped Salespeople and High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress – have radically changed the businesses of mortgage professionals for nearly three decades.

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