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Entrepreneurship is an Endurance Sport

by Jan 30, 2024The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this episode about Entrepreneurship is an Endurance Sport

  • Steven Pivnik, founder of Binary Tree and former member of The CEO Project, shares insights on entrepreneurship and endurance sports in an interview on The Lazy CEO Podcast.
  • He parallels the challenges and skills required in both domains, highlighting perseverance, goal-setting, and overcoming setbacks.
  • Steven recounts his journey of building Binary Tree over 26 years, transitioning from consulting to developing migration products for email systems, and ultimately selling the company after years of hard work.

Here is a glimpse of Entrepreneurship is an Endurance Sport

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, host Jim Schleckser interviews Steven Pivnik, a former member of The CEO Project and founder of Binary Tree, a successful company he built over 26 years. Steven, an elite endurance athlete, parallels entrepreneurship and endurance sports, particularly Ironman competitions. He shares how he transitioned from consulting to developing migration products for email systems, which became a multimillion-dollar line of business. Steven emphasizes the importance of setting big goals and perseverance. Despite challenges, he achieved his goal of competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Finally, Steven discusses the process of selling his company and highlights the years of hard work behind the scenes that led to its success.

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