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Building Your Brand Around Talent

by Dec 11, 2023The Lazy CEO Podcast

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In this episode of Building Your Brand Around Talent

  1. Talent Acquisition Challenges: The Lazy CEO Podcast addresses the difficulties CEOs face in the current employment market, emphasizing the misalignment of expectations and the scarcity of skilled talent, particularly A players who can significantly impact a company’s success.
  2. Attracting Top Talent: The discussion with Matt Walsh from Blue Signal Search focuses on strategies to attract top talent, highlighting the importance of showcasing a company’s purpose, and mission and emphasizing career growth. The podcast explores how purposeful work is a major motivator for millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z.
  3. Retention Strategies and Contract Dynamics: The episode delves into employee retention challenges, discussing the evolving dynamics of loyalty and the role of non-compete agreements. Matt Walsh advocates for strong company culture and communication, suggesting that understanding employee needs is crucial. The conversation also touches on diverse employment contract structures, ranging from flexible arrangements to international considerations at the executive level.

Here is a Glimpse of Building Your Brand Around Talent

The Lazy CEO Podcast features host Jim Schleckser, founder of the CEO Project, discussing crucial topics for leaders, especially CEOs, in a challenging employment market. The focus is on attracting and retaining top talent, often referred to as A players, who can contribute significantly to a company’s success.

In this episode, Jim interviews Matt Walsh, the CEO and founder of Blue Signal Search, a recruiting firm in Phoenix, Arizona. They delve into the current state of the employment market, addressing the misalignment of expectations among leaders and the challenges in finding skilled talent. Matt emphasizes the importance of understanding the labor market dynamics, such as the lower birth rate, decreased immigration, and the impending retirement of baby boomers, leading to a shortage of qualified workers.

The conversation explores strategies for attracting top talent, with an emphasis on showcasing a company’s purpose and mission. Matt suggests that educating the workforce about the impact of their roles and emphasizing career growth can be key factors in attracting talent, especially in fields like skilled labor. Purposeful work, according to Matt, is a significant motivator for millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z.

Jim and Matt discuss the issue of retention and the changing dynamics of employee loyalty. Matt shares his perspective on non-compete agreements, advocating for a focus on building a strong company culture and providing an environment where employees feel valued. The conversation also touches on the trend of shorter job tenures and the importance of ongoing communication, feedback, and exit interviews to understand and address employee concerns.

Finally, they explore the role of employment contracts, especially at the executive level. Matt notes the variety in contract structures, ranging from flexible arrangements to international considerations. He highlights the importance of understanding what top talent truly wants and being prepared for counteroffers when dealing with A players.

Overall, the podcast provides insights into the complexities of talent acquisition and retention in a competitive job market, with a particular emphasis on aligning organizational goals with employee expectations.

Thank You to Our Guest

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Blue Signal. Blue Signal is changing the recruiting game through our passion for helping others. Our team has 230+ years of combined recruiting experience and has grown 351% in the last 3 years. We have recruiters in 20 states and work globally.

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