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It has been said that your outcome is determined by the people you spend the most time with.  We curate a group of high-performing CEOs, many in the Inc. 500 / 5000 and recognized as E&Y Entrepreneurs of the Year.  They are learners and have ego strength but the humility to want others on the journey with them to improve their outcome.  What’s more, they are all quality people that you’ll enjoy spending time with – we make sure by a thorough interview process and by selecting a CEO peer group or business advisory group that is perfect for you.  It’s critical because the Members are a big part of your experience.

We help you achieve more by focusing on the highest economic activities, using a proven framework for success. The CEO Project helps accomplished CEOs drive growth, and improve outcomes. Sure, it is our seasoned Advisors, all former CEOs, but we also curate a group of other high-performing CEOs to vet your critical business decisions.  It’s tough love, but it does come from the heart as we become invested emotionally in the mutual success of the group

ceo peer group

CEO Peer Group Results for High-Performing CEOs

Our CEOs stay members for an average of over five years with financial performance 2 to 3X their peers and the reason they leave is a successful financial exit.

If you want to affiliate with a top-notch group of CEOs that will help ensure and maximize your success, we should talk.

Proven CEO Peer Group Framework

High Caliber Peers

We thoughtfully assemble non-competitive CEOs of similar size, caliber and similar challenges. Everyone is accomplished, humble, and willing to share and improve each other’s thinking and fast-cycle personal development.

Experienced Advisors

Our advisors are current or former CEOs with success across a range of industries. They’ve faced similar challenges, know the burden of making tough decisions, and have helped hundreds of CEOs grow from good to great.

Robust Approach

We hold Members accountable for improved performance using a quarterly scorecard. And we dig deep on the most critical issues in your business, every single meeting using the methods from our best selling book on CEO effectiveness.

Typical CEO Problems We Address

We have helped members overcome myriad real-world challenges leveraging cross-industry experience, proven methods, and collaboration. Watch one of these quick videos to learn more.

Building a Compelling Value Proposition
Building An Option Plan
Making a Critical Hire
Improve Performance of Your Executive Team
Finding Success at Work & Home
Processes Not Keeping Up With Growth
Build a Bonus Plan That Works
Acquisition as a Process, Not a Hobby
3 Signs You Have a Talent Problem
Become a Delegate Master

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The Importance of a Strong Business Model

The Importance of a Strong Business Model

In this episode of The Lazy CEO Podcast, Jim Schleckser sits down with Jason Boyce, Founder & CEO of Avenue7Media. They talk about how to competitively navigate the marketing world and achieve success. Jason emphasizes the importance of having a flexible business model, shares tips for adapting to a competitor’s strategy, and what to do when things don’t go according to plan.

Mike Derheim

CEO, The Nerdery

“What drew me to The CEO Project is they work with high-growth, high velocity, ever-changing companies. I get value out of hearing what I am not thinking about…other experiences, but with similar problems.”

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