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The Lazy CEO Workshops

Have you ever wondered how the most exceptional CEOs manage to accomplish so much in so little time? How they not only achieve unparalleled success in business but also find the time to indulge in their hobbies and make cherished memories with their loved ones?

The secret lies in the philosophy detailed in the book, “Great CEOs are Lazy”. And now, for the first time, we are offering a rare and exclusive opportunity for hand-selected CEOs like you to dive deep into this transformative methodology at our private workshop.

Private Business Workshop with the author Jim Schleckser, who will walk you through the high-leverage roles that create lasting improvement in your business: Learner, Architect, Coach, Engineer, and Player.

Free Consultation session, where you’ll have the chance to discuss and strategize how to eliminate constraints and boost the growth of your enterprise.

Network with the Elite: This is a highly exclusive event. Attendance is capped to ensure you’re in the company of curated, like-minded CEOs, fostering a space for in-depth conversations and insights.

Great CEOs are Lazy

The crux of being a great and lazy CEO is simple: Focus intensely on eliminating the biggest constraint that impedes business growth. Just as you’d find and unkink the obstructed part of a garden hose to restore its flow, so must you diagnose and address the pivotal issues in your business. And the best part? This isn’t a mere theory—it’s a tried and tested strategy embraced by thousands of high-growth company CEOs.

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